Monday, June 14, 2010


Since i have decide to change it..I am going to bear all the consequences...Gosh..need to start reading books...Gee//// Books and not novels...loll.

Sorry Amy..i postpone our date.I know you won't be angry right?I read The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks...That novel is awesome guys.I cried when i read it!This novel portrays a fatherly love and longing to his children.There was a lot of romance section too..So,that is it..Can't reveal too much..

Oh yeah,i went singing again with my cousins.Hmm,bran u got a good voice..I can't sing high pitch and just scream..Ha ha..people will thought that i am nuts.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Am i a person who easily give up?I really don't know.I really miss old times crap and hang out with my dear friends.Memories are meant to be recall only because what happening had already become a past tense.To my astonishment,i have to know my friends activities through their blogs.It is no longer the same.If now i have a secret,i'm not sure whether i will share with them.I love to chat with AMY,WEIX and WAN NGOR.It just feels not right.Something is missing like a connective wire.I know all of us lead a different pathway.

I failed my driving test,created many excuse.Or no.I am a crybaby.Longing to become a stronger girl and ignore those who backstab me.It is hard.Damn hard.You can't change yourself overnight.I know i have many weaknesses.Luckily my friends willing to accept it.Can't i just ignore others and be myself.The real me without any pretence..What's wrong with me.Stupid me.May be i waste too much time finding a perfect me.Nobody's perfect.

Had fun with wan ngor.Shopping and chatting covers most of the times with her.AND Amy,you are not alone kay.If you are alone then what makes me not.May be you should counsel me.Wakaka.haha

Friday, February 19, 2010

Today was a splendid day.Honestly,i had to admit it.I scream out loud through the entire singing session.It was my first visit to RED BOX.Weird was the word that can described my feelings at that exact moment.Next,i watch two movies with my relatives.The movies was hillarious.Lots of laughters fill the space of cinema.I saw a lot of couples and families.Jealousy was not the word.If i were to hold my dad hands..what would happen?Deep in my mind,i would said i will hold tight to his hands and never let it off again..How silly am i.Better don't think too much..haha.......